3 Key Decisions to Be Made Before Installing Shade Sails

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A shade sail is a partial canopy that you can use to keep your outdoor chairs protected from the sun. Shade sails can be used for a wide range of purposes such as providing a shaded area for schoolchildren to study or play. This article discusses three key decisions that you must make before you install shade sails in a school.

The Mounting Points

You should think very carefully about where you would like to attach the shade sails to any given structure. That mounting point should be structurally sound so that it can withstand any pressures that the shade sails may exert. For instance, you should consider attaching the shade sails onto a brick wall (or any other strong material). You should also pick a location that isn't subject to strong winds, since such winds can make the shade sails flap wildly. Monitor the movement of the sun over your selected mounting points so that you confirm that the position of the shade will not fluctuate widely in the course of the day.

The Poles or Posts

Consider soil conditions when choosing the type of pole or post to use during the installation process. For instance, you should use galvanised steel posts if the soil has plenty of water. This is because wooden posts may decay quickly if they are driven into soil that has a lot of water. The number of sails that you will attach to each post should also guide you on what kind of post to choose. For instance, wooden posts can do a good job if a few shade sails will be attached to them. Steel posts may be better if many shade sails will be attached to each post.

Attachment Mechanisms

Several materials can be used to attach the shade sails onto the posts. For instance, you can use chains or turnbuckles. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, it is easy to adjust the tension in each shade sail in future by simply removing links in the chain that you used to attach the shade sails to the posts. The downside of the chains is that they may corrode and need to be replaced after some time.

Talk to a shade sail supplier for expert advice about the different dynamics that influence the successful use of shade sails in schools. That expert advice will help you to make the best decision as you choose the different items that you need during the installation. For more information, contact a local supplier like Shades of Blue Shade Sails