Some Questions You Might Have About Using Solar Energy at Home

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Using solar energy at home has become very popular in recent years, as homeowners are looking for an affordable alternative to city-supplied power. Solar power is very eco-friendly as it produces no emissions or fumes. If you've been thinking about switching to solar energy for your home, you might note a few commonly asked questions about its use. This can help you make the decision to switch to solar.

1. Can solar energy provide all the power needed in a home?

There is no one answer to this question because it would depend on the size and quality of solar cells you choose, how much sunlight your home gets throughout the year, and how much power you consume. Some people who live in very small homes and who want to "go off the grid" invest in large and powerful solar cells that store enough power for all their needs, but most homeowners find that they still need to be connected to their city's electrical system as a backup. 

Note that if you're concerned about using the least amount of electricity or gas possible, consider how to reduce your consumption overall. This might include using a fireplace or wood-burning oven in your home, installing a separate solar cell for the hot water heater, and ensuring your home is thoroughly insulated so you use less heat and air conditioning.

2. Are solar panels the only option for solar power?

Solar panels are just that; flat panels that are installed on the roof of a home or on a pole on the property in order to catch the sun's rays. However, integrated photovoltaic products are those that are built right into the building materials themselves in order to capture the sun's rays and convert it to stored energy. These products might be included in windows or roofing tiles. They can be used when you are constructing a new home or need to replace building materials that contains these integrated materials, but panels are usually the best choice for retrofitting your home with solar power.

3. Do solar panels need maintenance?

Most solar panels need nothing more than a brushing off when they collect leaves and debris. You might want to have the solar panels checked every year or so for any damage to their front or to the connectors and wires between the panels and the converter. However, rarely do panels need regular maintenance, upgrades, or any type of service if they have not been damaged in any way.