Tools You Need for DIY Solar Hot Water System Installation

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If you are looking at installing your own solar hot water system, then you likely have already done your research on the benefits. You know that you can use either the hot water tank you currently have or you can install a tankless hot water system. You know that the solar option will help reduce your energy costs since you aren't using your traditional electric or gas power to heat the water and keep it hot. With all of this knowledge, the key point you are probably overlooking are the tools that you will need for the DIY solar hot water system installation process. Here are some of the tools and what you need to know about each one.

Closed Loop Solar System

One of the key things you will need is a closed loop solar system. This type of system has several benefits. One benefit is that it automatically signals the solar panel when the sun is out and when the water in the tank needs to be heated. That means you don't have to do it manually, and you can ensure you have the hot water when you need it. The other benefit to a closed loop system is that the water in the holding tank that has been heated will stay hot and not mix with any cold water that would lower its temperature.

Solar Panel Kit for Hot Water Systems

You have the pieces to your closed loop system, but these pieces don't always come with the solar panels. This means you will need to purchase a set of solar panels that is made for hot water systems. You may be thinking that all panels are the same. The truth is, solar panels that are for hot water systems are already wired and ready to set up for closed loop systems and can work directly with the hot water heater without special wiring or other equipment. This saves you time and ensures you are getting the right panels for the job.

Drill Bit Set and Cordless Drill

You may have most of the basic tools you need like wire clippers and pipe cutters. One thing you may not think about is a cordless drill and drill bit set. Though you may have one, like the drill itself, having the right drill bits may slip your mind. Make sure you have a basic drill bill set that can handle a wide range of drilling options. Remember that you will have to drill holes not only for the panels but also for brackets to hold the pipes and holding tank.

These three tools are important items when you're installing solar hot water systems. If you have any questions about how to move forward, or if you feel like you may damage your roof or wall during installation, contact your local solar panel installation contractor for assistance.