4 Tips for Using an Air Conditioner With a Ceiling Fan

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If your energy bill is high when running your air conditioner, you might want to use your ceiling fan with the HVAC unit. While it may seem like this uses even more energy, the fan actually allows you to adjust the temperature on your air conditioner. Here are some tips for using the HVAC unit with the ceiling fan.

Make Sure Your Insulation is Good

In order to use a ceiling fan with an air conditioner to lower your energy costs and still have cool air in your home, you will need to have excellent insulation. If your insulation is poor or there are areas where air is escaping, it defeats the purpose, and you still experience high energy costs. Make sure you have your insulation inspected. Also check areas of the home where air could be escaping, such as gaps around windows or doors, cracks in the walls, or holes in the foundation of your home. Check the insulation in areas like your attic and basement as well.

Turn the Fan in the Right Direction

If you are using your ceiling fan for the purpose of cooling down the temperature, it needs to be facing the right way. It will go in one direction for cooling, and another direction when using it with the heater in order to heat up a room. For use with an air conditioner, you need the air to be pushed downward. If you are standing underneath the fan and you can't feel a breeze coming down on you, then the blades are going in the wrong direction. There should be a switch on the ceiling fan that allows you to change its direction easily.

Adjust the Thermostat

Gradually adjust the thermostat where the temperature is slightly higher for the air conditioner. You should do this slowly until you find a good balance between the ceiling fan and air conditioner. Start by turning it just a degree or two lower than you normally would on a hot day. Wait until you adjust to how cool it is in the home and see if you can stretch it a little farther. The goal is not to suffer by being hot just to save on energy, but to allow the fan to save some energy by letting you reduce the temperature of your air conditioner.

If you are following these directions and your energy bill is still rising, it might be time to call an HVAC technician (like those at West Air Conditioning). There may be other issues with your air conditioner that are causing the rise in the energy bill.